Those who have been persecuted in their home country may be eligible for asylum in the United States (US). However, to qualify, one must file an application within one year of their arrival. Even those who are currently in the US illegally can still qualify for asylum.

When you are fearful of returning to your home country because you are part of a specific social group, because of your political beliefs, due to your religion, race or nationality, you may be eligible for asylum. Asylum may be done in two manners; in an affirmative manner by filing the appropriate documents requesting asylum, or as a defense if you are facing deportation.

Because of the difficulty in proving persecution, it is crucial to work with an immigration attorney who understands the asylum rules, knows how to prepare and file paperwork, and understands how to present an asylum case to increase the chances of approval.

At the Washington, D.C. Law Office of Bruce I. Yamashita, PLLC, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you through the application and hearing processes necessary to have asylum granted. Contact our offices when you are in fear of returning to your home country; remember, whether you are in the US legally or illegally, you still have the right to file an application.

“As far as America is concerned, I say bring ‘em in, and not only the rich, educated entrepreneur. I would never turn back a single Haitian boat person. Anyone who has the smarts and energy to build a raft out of milk cartons, and then sail across the Atlantic to America’s shores is someone I want as an immigrant.”

– Thomas L. Friedman, Correspondent